Box Office Position


You will be responsible for making reservations, ticket sales and customer service.


• Greet customers as they approach the ticketing counter and inquire into how they would like to be serviced

• Check for seat availability in the system and provide customers with seating options

• Assist customers in choosing good seats by guiding them on the seating map

• Take customers’ information, enter it into the system and ensure that proper information has been punched in

• Print out tickets, ensure that date, time and seat numbers are accurately displayed

• Hand over tickets to customers and ask them to verify information

• Provide customers with any special information regarding their chosen show or an upcoming one that might be of interest to them

Other Duties:

• Inform customers of special deals or discounts on bundle tickets

• Calculate the amount of cash owed against the number of tickets bought

• Take payment in exchange for tickets sold and give back any due change

• Word in a fast manner to ensure that customer queues are served quickly

• Count cash in the cash register at the end of the shift and tally it with tickets sold

• Delve into any evident discrepancies and ensure that they are resolved before the end of the shift

• Create and maintain reports of sold tickets and payments received

HR Contact Number: +1 417-339-3003