Jobs for Life

Jobs for Life is a local organization through the non-profit Jesus Was Homeless that engages and equips the local Church to address the impact of joblessness through the dignity of work. By mobilizing a worldwide network of volunteers committed to applying biblically-based training and mentoring relationships, Jobs for Life helps those in need find dignity and purpose through meaningful work.

Jesus Was Homeless is a non-profit organization and is designed as a 501(c)3 by the Internal Revenue Service. Jesus Was Homeless is a community organization dedicated to serve those who are hungry, homeless, and hurting by providing opportunities to grow spiritually, relationally, and physically. Jesus Was Homeless was founded in 2008 and provides meals, employment training and access to health care to those that live in weekly and extended stay motels. Jesus Was Homeless believes that lives can be transformed into a new way of living, hope can be restored, and that the cycle of poverty can be broken.